Best Smartwatch in India Under 5000

In India there are so many outlets to buy smartwatches also there are so many options online stores to shop watches under 5000. Nowadays you can find lots of watches are getting into the market so you may find it difficult to choose which is the best one that’s fit for me. Don’t worry about our article we are going to brief the best smartwatch in India under 5000. Nowadays people are so much care about their outlook and personality. So, lots of people spending the amount on accessories to keep up to date in their life.  


In early days rich kids only afford rich smartwatches, but now the time changes people can easily buy watches. If you’re looking that you have to invest money on smartwatches, take a glance at our article we are listed best smartwatch in India under 5000. According to your budget only, we are going to list very unique features, style and music player options smartwatches. We have reviewed each one and we tried to gather a wide variety of requirements in our list, so you don’t have to an option for advance research.  You can easily choose our smartwatches because we are tested every single product, so trust the lists and go out for buying.

Here is the list of the best smartwatch in India under 5000

  • Noise Loop

It has a very unique style and it features an IPS panel. This panel you won’t see in any other watches. 1.3 inches of the screen display, they weigh 150 grams and they have 280 mAh battery and they used MT2502C processor. You can connect to your android phone version 4.2 and the iOS 8.0 or through Bluetooth within the range of 3m. It has very updated features like music player, health statistics remote control, alarm clock and they have experienced features than any other smartwatches. But they have only one disadvantage it comes in without waterproof.

  • Novateur Smartwatch

This smartwatch has a remarkable feature that you can buy at only 2000 Rs. If you’re looking at the latest technology, this is the best watch to buy it for. This watch supports alarm clock, Anti-theft, calculator, message reader and so on. You can handle and operate easily.

  • JOKIN A2

The fast Bluetooth connectivity watch has a built-in option of both call operations. It has a luxurious style and compact design. It has a battery life of one day and they have an option of tracking your distance, calories burned and steps accomplishments. There is no option of GPS connection.

  • V9 Life like Smartwatch

This is a very advanced feature smartwatch among all in the list. Some of the features like camera, multiple languages, option for a micro sim to make calls and it has personality design. You can afford this only for 1400 Rs. This watch has not come in a waterproof option.

  • One Touch Alcatel Smartwatch

It looks very classy and it has a 1.22 LCD screen and it has made up of metal and glass. It has an option of USB charging inbuilt. It has come up with water resistant. This is a very cheap watch among the list

Hope the article has covevered all the points on best smartwatch in India under 5000. Thanks for reading our article.

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