3 Decadent Mushroom Recipes

Foraged or plucked from the local farmers market, we’re fans of mushrooms in all forms.

There’s nothing quite like the earthy richness mushrooms can add to a dish. Otherwise known as umami, this savory flavor can round out your favorite pasta or soup—or even make a unique cocktail.

As our forecast of 2019 Culinary + Cocktail Trends predicts, we’ll be seeing a lot more of mushrooms in the coming year. We’ve fallen hard for these three inventive mushroom recipes.


By Executive Chef Rich Falbo of Firefly (Washington, DC)

Trumpet mushrooms and fresh rosemary elevate the flavors in this delicious bolognese sauce—which also happens to be a perfect meatless variation.

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By Bar Director Caitlyn Jackson of Geraldine’s (Austin, TX)

Who says cocktails can’t be savory? The homemade thyme- and truffle-infused vodka in this cocktail is a showstopper—perfect for your next holiday gathering.

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By Chef Christian Graves of Citizen Rail (Denver, CO)

Traditionally, chicken is the star of this decadent broth, but this variation kicks it up a notch with mushroom.

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