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Bobbi Brown’s Amazing Adventure in South Africa

Bobbi on safari

So happy to have makeup guru Bobbi Brown on Hotel Chic today! I’ve worked as Bobbi’s co-author on two books (the latest, Everything Eyes launches next month). Bobbi could not be cooler or nicer to work with. (this interview we did for Refinery29 totally captures who she is, plus her love of motorcycle boots, Jay-Z, and tequila). Bobbi recently went on a lifechanging trip to South Africa organized by Backroads. Here’s her report, along with some candid pics. Makes you want to pack your bags!

photo courtesy Bobbi Brown

The Group:  My husband Steven and I have done a few bike trips with Backroads and we decided it would be fun to include our extended family on this one. It was 14 people including our 3 sons, one of their girlfriends, my sister and Steven’s  brother. We ranged from age 15 to mid 60s.

Bobbi Brown & her husband Steven Plofker in South Africa

The Trip: We did the Backroads Multisport trip to South Africa and Botswanna for 12 days. We explored Cape Town and  Johannesburg along with wild game reserves, national parks, and local villages. Every day there was a sport component to the trip if you wanted–hiking and biking through the wilderness.

Londolozi Private Game Reserve

Londolozi Private Game Reserve

Fave hotel: Londolozi in South Africa. It was both rugged and luxurious. I’m pretty much done with fancy hotels, a la Ritz, that are more fluff than substance. For example, a lot of the Londolozi staff lives at a nearby village and the last day they invited us into their homes. It’s a different—more personal— experience.

Londolozi deck via Hotel Chic

courtesy of Londolozi


courtesy of Londolozi

The rooms:  We stayed in these beautiful rooms in the middle of the jungle. The funny part is we weren’t allowed to go to our rooms by ourselves and we always had to lock our doors because of the baboons.  Apparently the baboons have been known to drink alcohol and go crazy in the rooms.safari sundownersThe safari: We did safari more that ½ the time. We saw elephants, giraffes, monkeys–it was incredible. At 4pm everyday, they would stop, open up the back of the truck and have a little bar with tequilas and scotches and they would serve drinks and Sundowners.

photo: Bobbi Brown

Healthy Living: The food is spectacular— delicious fresh organic, served in this beautiful way. They also have an amazing spa, great yoga.